A Village to Erase [Raise] a Stigma [Child]

Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.
Mental health is a weapon.
It is a weapon that cannot be banned or illegally obtained.
It is a weapon we all have the license to carry,
so it is up to all of us to choose how we deal with it.
Not you, you, you, or the president of our country.
We all have a hand in how mental health is approached.
This is a group project and we are all being graded.

We are suffocating under the taboo of a couch and a profession.
There is more to healing then a shot and a Band-Aid.
It’s hard work, it’s a process, and it’s demons.
But without those things we cannot move forward.
Without dedication, we cannot achieve a world
and time when an abuser is not allowed to continue
abusing their children.
When someone who feels their only way out is by taking
others with them is denied access to the destruction they are seeking.


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