The Water and the Flame

We held flames in our hands,
the rainwater ground sloshing
beneath our steps.

We carried the weight of many on our shoulders,
their burdens of battle ours to hold—
even for just a moment.

We overflowed our hearts with hope,
our invocations of strength and justice
ascending to the stars.

We stood together,
gathered in unity for our sisters to the west—
the protectors of troubled waters.

“We are all water,” a dear one spoke.
The connection between us is eternal and brimming.
There are moments when the rocks
seem too sharp to navigate,
when the winds bring the waves too high
to remember the sun.
But then it quiets
and the current smooths.

We glance around and find all accounted for,
recalling that no matter how sharp the rocks
or how high the waves,
the river continues.

We hold flames in our hands
to illuminate the darkness.

We carry the weight of nations on our shoulders
to lift their burdens.

We overflow our hearts with hope
to lift the spirits of all.

We are all water and we flow as one.


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