A Toast

Dearly beloved, and all you plus ones,

I request the honor

of your attendance

on this most joyous

of occasions,

for today–today!–

I am single,

                      unspoken for

                      (because I can speak for myself, thank you very much)


                     (“I got no strings to hold me down

                        to make me fret

                        or make me frown…”)

                   partying with a guest

                   list of one.

Have you ever noticed

the abundance of un-s

in regards to one’s relationship,

or lack there of?

Unspoken for.


Unhinged due to all of the insipid




My glass is raised

to you, happy relationship people.

One day I hope

to experience the love

I see in your eyes

as you slide the precious band

on her finger,

as you speak a promise

in his name.


Perhaps there will arrive

a day when I stumble

across the person

to match me, quote for quote.


Until then,

a toast to your good health

and a blessing on your journey.

Now, if you’ll excuse me,

I’m off to unwind

with a certain novel.




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