“Watching the Dandelions Grow” (Confucius Poem #1)

“It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.” Confucius

Tuffs of yellow—
sunshine dewdrops—
speckle the otherwise
monochromatic horizon.

I hate outfield—
the endless waiting,
the great ocean
of space between
me and home.
Run home, Jack!

I hate outfield—
the heat suffocating,
my arm never
quite strong enough.

Little League.
What big meanie
name it “little” league?
I may be little but…
I can do stuff, too!

But I would like
a stronger arm,
longer legs,
and maybe even contacts
like my cousins!—
if you don’t mind.

I hate outfield.
While we’re at it,
I don’t really like
being six years-old, either.
Can I be twenty-seven yet?
Or at least playing
short stop.

Title quoted from John Farrell’s rendition of “Playing Right Field” (Touch the Sky).


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