A Pueblo Remains

Stone and clay,

that’s all they possessed.

Don’t forget the sweat

on their skin as it

reflected the harsh

noon sun.

Marvel at their strength

and determination

with eyes gazing upon

their ancient structures–

this art still standing,

preserved for all

to study and admire.

A cloud passes

over the cliff-side

apartments, and my

twenty-first century shoes

stand before an

eighth century living space.

Visions of mothers weaving

baskets and fathers

molding bows and

arrows and small

children scurrying up and

down and up and again

on the closest ladder–

it all plays before

my mind’s eye.

A community built on

a solid foundation

can do nothing but sit

back and watch the

centuries roll by with

the wind that carries

the sediment of time.

There is no hurry–

unless you’re the

rabbit destined

for dinner.


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