Old Risks, New Choices 

There is risk in all things. 

Sure, I can understand that concept.

However, is calculating risk a weakness?

Am I, therefore, squandering my happiness

if I choose a knowledgable life–

one where the road is clear?

“Happiness is not something ready made.”

No, dear Dalai Lama, it’s not. 

I try not to over think

the decisions I’ve made thus far–

there is, certainly, no happiness there. 

Joy was found on the path

where my footsteps have already fallen. 

Oh, yes, there were many nooks

and crannies filled with generous blessings

along my past’s hills and valleys.

Now there are steps to take,

new choices to fret sleeplessly over. 

These are not my darkest moments

as I search for a light

to turn Darkness from the shadows.  


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