Doubt and Risks 

Often, when we least expect it, 

the “hello” after 

the “goodbye” are 

the hardest part. 

While the sting

of a goodbye can

seem brutal and

all-consuming, eventually

relief is granted by

the excitement and

hope lingering within 

the fresh start–

the shining slate. 

However, that start

is not always fresh

and polished bright. 

Frequently, those new

beginnings are riddled

with fear,



and above all


Doubt in our abilities;

if this didn’t last, 

what’s to say I won’t

make the same 

mistakes again? 

Doubt in the ultimate 

truth we know 

lies within our beings:

if you had the courage

to walk away,

then you have gumption 

to turn around and say,


One word, minute 

and whispered behind

closed doors and

in the trees. 

No one knows what’s next, 

where that path will

lead you. 

But if you don’t give

it a chance–

say hello–

then you’ll never really

know why you

risked “goodbye”

in the first place. 


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