The Bear who Loved Him

One day a young

boy held his teddy

bear to his chest 

and whispered,

“You’re my home.”

The odds were against 

them both–

the lad must

grow up,

the plush bear 

destined for the 

shadows and dust

of youth. 

Shall we give them an ‘or’?

Could society withstand

the unconventionality? 

Perhaps this boy

and this bear

find a life of bliss

down the road. 

A stuffed teddy

friend might have

given this shy,

trembling adolescent 

confidence to pursue 

a mindset–

and, later, a career–

of creativity. 

Joy is not always 

neat and ‘normal’.

Happiness can indeed 

be found in the 

cuddly arms of a 

safe [inanimate] 


And yet, it 

could also be at the

side of a ‘grown-up’

whose childish

love still included

adventures through

an imagined forest,

arm-in-arm with 


Conformity is not always

normal and happiness

is not always 

cut and dry.  


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