A Wild Horse and a Flame

Her lips were chapped and cracking
as her head lay against the marble’s
soothing cool surface.

Exhaustion was the only friend
she could find while her legs
attempted to calm themselves.

She had been running.
For so long,
she hadn’t allowed herself
the chance to stop
to breath or think.

To stop would have meant
time for thoughts of those parts
from which she was running.

She had to leave.
There was nothing left back there,
just dying embers
in a ruined hearth.

It all happened too soon–
the fire, the burning
desire to get out.

There were hours of planning,
countless nights of tears
and little sleep
and more tears
and even less sleep.

All of it
the tears and the gray hair
and the burning embers,
all of it culminated
into this one moment
of chapped lips and cool marble.

Life should mean so much more
but, for right now,
this was all it needed to mean.


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