It’s Snowing On Valentine’s Night

A Rainy Prom Night Spoof

I was never a flirt or one for the boys.
I liked them well but found other joys.
So Valentine’s was just another day
with no agenda or boy-centered play.

It’s snowing on Valentine’s night,
what a lovely, glistening sight.
It covers the ground and whirls in the air,
kissing my body and teasing my hair.

My coat is zipped and my boots are laced
and all demons forgotten–well, those that I’ve faced.

Yes, it’s snowing on Valentine’s night.
You puffy flakes have no worries or fright
of never knowing true-love’s kiss
or other Disney-style bliss.
Floating along in this love-struck hour,
my spirit and life you could hardly sour.
For love is a passing fantasy,
but your chilling thrilling smile-giving flakes are pure ecstasy.

What else could I want?
Surely not chocolate or roses,
just more snow for dripping noses.
It’s snowing on Valentine’s night.


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