Rise Against Predictability

To the guy in the green button-up,

I’m slightly impressed that you
were so impressed with my
music repertoire.
Why, yes, I do enjoy the rhythmic
shouting of grown men as they
pound out the bizarre tune of the living
who, at the end of each day,
find themselves dying a little inside.
Why, yes, I give myself whip-lash
on occasion from the solitary
head-banging I do after some
caffeine-deprived asshole
demands his venti house blend
with an extra shot, don’t forget!,
on a silver platter.
Yeah, alright, every now and again–
when the mood is just right–
I cry to the words
“and hang me up and out to dry”,
my tears keeping time.

So, I guess, thank you–
thank you for validating
my diverse tastes.
Thank you for your impressed shock.
You made up for that venti
house blend asshole–
with or without the extra shot.


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