Artificial Sweetener

Bubble gum and lollipops
dance about the sky,
unafraid of falling,
unafraid to die.
Chocolate flows like water,
winding through the earth.
Fields of licorice cover the horizon
as harvesters gather the good.
The people are lively,
their spirits soar
as they prance through life
with glee and purity.
They live in a land
of sweetness,
of flavor.
They find no sour note,
no negativity or plight.
So is that life?
To travel through the days,
experiencing no emotion besides
sugary smiles and
board game predictability?
Without the mountains and valleys
nothing is learned,
nothing is gained.
There are no challenges
and no hardships—
half of what makes us
who we are.
So do not envy the candy-people,
they are the ones
who draw the short straw.
Be thankful for the friends
you trust—
and the enemies you don’t.
Show gratitude to the
love which fills your heart
and the obstacles you’ve conquered.
Life is a dance,
a novel,
a ballad;
it ebbs and flows.
And sometimes the hardest
part of all
is keeping up.

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