Friendship and Lemonade

Barefoot in your backyard,
we laughed at the grass
and contemplated life
through the eyes of that ant
on your leg.

We nestled deep within our
fears and joys as Frodo
and Sam fought my worst enemy.

Sherlock held nothing
to you in talent,
and Watson’s loyalty was lacking
when compared to mine.

“Boys” were despicable and
rancid with cooties.
But men.
Men were a hope, a wish, and
sometimes a closer reality.

We charted the lives of
characters on the back
of worn out notes and
grocery lists.

A paint drop and a pencil
smudge held the secrets
to a thousand lives–
all of which we were
willing to discover.

A movie quote was never far
behind a shared glance
or a raised eyebrow.

Our love was our language,
as only can be found
by soul mates.

The water we drank was
far thicker than the blood
we didn’t share–
it’s all a matter of perspective
and day-dreams of
Captain Jack Sparrow.

Barefoot in your backyard
measured days, summers,
tears, practical jokes,
stars at night,
clouds at noon,
and the joys of a life-long friend.


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