Snow White on the Front Page

On the fourth day of the second month in 1938,
The phenomenal site was witnessed.
Supposedly, a girl died.
Royal police were the first on the scene.
Despite attempted secrecy, rumors of the devastation spread rampant through the forest.
According to the religious community, history had repeated itself.
Physicians can to the stifling conclusion
The young lady was neither Caucasian nor albino, despite her snow-tinted features.
If only for a moment, officers turned from the victim,
Gazed upon the ones she left behind.
Listed first in her address book was a dashing young man robed in crimson and royal blue.
His title was Prince and he had found his love out of breath in her kitchen.
A pie was fresh from the oven.
Next a group of miners pledged their loyalty to the young princess between glass walls.
These stout gentlemen were only useful for the maiden’s name and a handful of unnecessary emotions.
The only other person suspected to have had contact with the poison victim was her estranged stepmother.
Oddly enough, this woman has come up missing, as if she has fallen off the side of a cliff.
Since the press was not involved, only sketches of the princess have been released to the public at this time.
The body disappeared before federal authorities could properly dispose of the corpse.
The mystery, juicier than a blood red apple.

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