Pawns and Kings

Silence permeates the room.

Everyone sits and waits.

Words are spoken

But not heard.

Political superiors stall

As millions watch in earnest.

There are no radio broadcasts,

Or television announcements.

They let the dust settle

Before reporting the damage.

And now, we wait;

Wait for the news;

The news that will devastate—

Not shock.

Not a soul on our soil moves

For fear of disturbing

An unseen force.

Over the frequencies comes

The sound of hustle and bustle:

Reporters and political figures

Being set

Like a chess board

Preparing for battle.

A serene-looking man mounts

Himself on wobbly legs,

Gazing into his vast audience.


The country yells,

And the world listens.

“Japan attacked,”

The voice booms.

“We are at war!”


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