In the Darkness

A million footsteps echo through the narrow streets as the tourists,
with their camera flashes, are giddy in the illuminated night.
“Girls’ night out” tumbles into a drunken stupor of flirtatious innocence.
Before she knew it, his arms were vices so tight in the intoxicated silence.
She curls into the corner’s infinite shadows, wishing, praying for the pain to subside,
the night’s events on agonizing replay as she sits in the bleak suffocation.
One day follows another, the weeks evolve into months, her healing an endless
tunnel of sobbing each night in the isolation of her sorrow.
She ducks her head for fear of spotting his face among the anonymous on the street.
Behind her sunglasses she is shielded within the safety of her fear.
Another finds his way in, embracing the twisted strings of an abused heart.
Is he different? But there is no answer in this shared existence.
Together they gaze high above their heads, his arms her protective encasement.
She whispers her victorious thanks into the starry sky, content in these loving and safe arms.

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