A Mother’s Tale

At night, I lie in wonder.
I lie in awe.
How will this world
hold us all?
Will we be welcomed or sent away?
Will it love us?
Will we be thrown away?
We are not a new concept,
you and me.
Our situation is nothing new.
A repetition of history.
I was an ignorant teen,
the story old-hack.
I went too far.
Bad decisions clouded my thoughts.
A split-second of bliss
is now lost.
I wait in suffering silence.
I promise to love you,
I promise to care.
But these months I worry;
I worry for your sake
As well as mine.
I have a few more months
Tt wrap my heart
around the concept.
My patience grows frayed,
but my heart enlarges.
You are my life
from now ’till eternity.
So do not cry for
my spoiled reputation.
Bring on the prejudice
and the hateful.
Come what may,
I do not care,
for my love lasts ’til my dying day.

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